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Resume Tips

Gather and Check All Necessary Information:

EDUCATION List degrees and month/year obtained or expected; names and locations of schools; major and marks/grades scored. A brief summary of important courses you've taken might also be helpful.

EXPERIENCE List the month/years you worked, position, name and location of employer or place, and responsibilities you had.

SKILLS List computer languages and software, communication (including languages), leadership, or athletic, among others.

ACTIVITIES List academic, professional organizations of which you are currently a member;Organize the Resume Effectively

PERSONAL INFORMATION Top center of first page. Name (no title); addresses; phone numbers; e-mail and/or fax addresses (optional); citizenship if applicable.

EXPERIENCE Here, you can use one of two formats:

Functional To emphasize skills and talents, cluster your experience under headings that highlight these skills

Chronological To emphasize work experience, list jobs beginning with the most recent.


Name is at the top of the page: highlighted by slightly larger typesize, bolding, and/or underlining

Address and phone number(s) are complete and correct, with PIN codes, and are well-placed in relation to name

All entries highlight a capability or accomplishment

Repetition of words or phrases is kept to a minimum

Capitalization, punctuation, and date formats are consistent

There are NO typos or spelling errors


Your best assets, whether education, experience, or skills, are listed first

The page can be easily reviewed: categories are clear, text is indented

The dates of employment are easy to find and consistently formatted

Your name is printed at the top of each page

justification creates awkward white spaces